Making professional mobile apps affordable

Making professional mobile apps affordable

making professional mobile apps affordable

did you know...

Of those who have downloaded apps, nearly 2 in 3 said they use their apps daily, and 1 in 4 use their apps for more than 30 minutes per day

Between 2010 and 2011 there was a 91% increase in time users spent on Apps

The average smartphone user that users apps vs getting on aa PC and using the internet is up 81% from 73% in 2012

108 million users in Europe consumes mobile media through their mobile app in 2011, up approximately 30% from 2010

At any time you can send out a message which will immediately go to everybody who has your app installed, at no cost to you

themobileappscompany specialises in creating mobile apps which are right for you...and your pocket to allow you to market your company, interact, and build relationships with your current and potential clients in a way that suits them - an App on their mobile device.

No more do you have to spend thousands of pounds to get an app developed. Now, for a few hundred pounds, you can get a native iPhone app, iPad app, Android app, and even an HTML5 mobile website. And you can even manage it yourself after it has been developed if you wish!

Unlock the secret to staying ahead of your competition

why should you have a mobile app?

what we do

More and more people are doing busines on their mobile devices. If you don't have your business "mobilised" then you could be missing out. Mobile apps provide you with a closer interaction with your clients and prospective clients, increasing loyalty, revenue, and repeat business...

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Using the latest technology, we can rapidly design and build robust and eye-catching mobile apps that run natively on iPhone, iPad, Android...and a mobile website as well. We can develop apps for different industries, each one containing the best features for the industry in question  

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why should you choose us?

We at themobileappscompany are interested in you, your organisation, and your goals.

With many years development experience, a customer centric focus, and a friendly, yet professional approach, we will help you develop a mobile app for your organisation which will help you grow your business for many years to come.

The affordability and professional feel of our apps will make it hard to resist, when in the past the sheer cost of such a development would have frighthened off all but the largest of organisations.    

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